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About Dr. Jolene Ross

A Licensed Psychologist in private practice in since 1984 

Dr. Jolene Ross is the Founder and Director of Advanced Neurotherapy, a wellness clinic that utilizes Behavioral Medicine applications such as Quantitative EEG Analysis, and Neurofeedback.  Dr. Ross works with individuals and families challenged with neuro-cognitive, neuro-emotional and neuro-developmental disorders.  Dr. Ross, a Licensed Psychologist, received a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Boston College in 1985.  She studied with Dr. Joseph Cautela, a founder of the fields of Behavior Therapy and Behavioral Medicine.

Dr. Ross has experience teaching pre-school, primary, middle school and college students.  This and her work with special needs students inspired her career in Psychology which began in 1979, working with individuals with developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, brain injury, epilepsy and other disorders of the central nervous system.

When faced with the personal challenge of having one of her children diagnosed with severe Attention Deficit Disorder she sought out treatment options and tried neurofeedback.  The dramatic improvements in her child's functioning prompted her to seek training in this new treatment modality.

Dr. Ross studied Quantitative EEG Analysis and its application to Neurofeedback with K.H. Wong, Ph.D. who was associated with Harvard's Epilepsy and Applied Neurophysiology Unit, Children's Hospital Medical Center, Boston.  Since then, she has trained and collaborated with Dr. Barry Sterman, Professor Emeritus of Neurobiology and Bio-Behavioral Psychiatry, UCLA School of Medicine, who is the founder of Neurofeedback and one of the pioneers in Quantitative EEG Assessment.

In September of 2009, Dr. Ross traveled to Amman, Jordan where she established a Neurofeedback program, successfully treating children and young adults with Autism and Epilepsy.  She provides ongoing support, supervision and QEEG Analysis.

Dr. Ross has presented and published research in Quantitative EEG and neurofeedback, is a speaker in her field, and supervises and trains professionals internationally.  Recently, she co-authored a chapter entitled Integrative Approaches to Brain Rehabilitation, in Integrative Psychiatry (2010), Oxford University Press, which is part of the Andrew Weil Integrative Medicine Library.