Fatigue Causes: Reviewing Areas of Wellness

Fatigue is a common problem most people experience from time to time. Often times, fatigue can be a symptom of an illness. However, for some, fatigue continuously lingers, creating an impact on day-to-day life. In fact, about 20% of people in the United States suffer from fatigue, which they claim to be so severe that it interferes with their ability to complete a regular day. Experiencing fatigue means feeling a lack of energy and motivation, often confused with drowsiness, which is the feeling of needing sleep. If a person is experiencing unexplainable fatigue, it may be possible a person’s wellness is being compromised by an imbalance occurring without notice. Review these areas of wellness if fatigue becomes a common occurrence, hindering daily life.

5 Natural Allergy Remedies

It’s finally happening! The snow in Massachusetts is  starting to melt and the beauty of spring is beginning to shine.  April showers will soon bring May flowers, and although everyone is looking forward to the beautiful flowers blooming, allergies inevitably will become a concern for many people. Although there are medications to fight allergies, many of them come with unwanted side effects such as extreme fatigue and dehydration, making it difficult to get through a normal day. Luckily, there are many natural remedies to help reduce allergic reactions that benefit the body in many ways! 

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