Language Difficulties and Delays

Signs and Symptoms:

  • An inability to speak in short sentences by language difficultsthe age of 3 years old
  • Difficulty following directions
  • Poor pronunciation
  • Poor articulation
  • Difficulty forming sentences
  • Leaving words out of a sentence
  • Having a hard time using exact words, but instead substitutes like “stuff” or “things”
  • Switching sounds within words without notice
  • Making up words
  • Sentences often do not make sense
  • Saying words out of order
  • Using idioms incorrectly
  • Takes things very literally
  • Difficulty focusing on what another person says, especially with any distractive noise
  • Disinterest in conversations
  • Inability to answer questions about a recent conversation
  • Anxiety about public speaking
  • Trouble answering questions, even the answer is known
  • Inability to have small talk
  • Trouble mastering work-related vocabulary
  • Cannot keep up during meetings
  • Misinterprets conversation tones
  • Unable to answer questions in front of others
  • Trouble following multi-step instructions verbally and prefers email


Learning Disabilities and Neurofeedback