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What is Neurotherapy?

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What People are Saying:

"Before I leave this earth, the one thing I want to give them is a better working brain so they can be independent. That is what you promised me and that is what’s happening." - Anita, mother of two children with severe learning disabilities.

"I have taken medication to control my seizures for the past 30 years. While effective, the medication took so much out of me that it was difficult to stay productive, stay employed, and lead a full life. I just did not have the energy to do the things I knew I had to do. With neurofeedback, along with other alternative treatments, I have reduced my medication by 90% and regained employment. I am now more energetic and more involved with my entire world." - Larry, Adult with Epilepsy

"She is happy and confident. Dr. Ross has given us our family back, but most importantly, she has given our daughter the tools to succeed in life." - Elizabeth, 5th Grader, Sensory Integration Disorder, Encoding and Decoding disorder, Dyslexia, Emotional control challenges, Struggling at school

"Dr. Ross, you told me someday my brain would act like a normal brain and now it does." - Jeff, Anxiety, focus problems, ADD, head injury, socially awkward, depression, 20 something year old male

"Depression is lifting, feels like everything is lifting, its coming back a lot faster than I thought. Its shocking. I didn’t realize how quickly it would happen!" (session 13) - Ginny, young adult post head injury and broken back, slow processing, trouble with day to day functioning, sees flashing lights.

"Today has been the best day so far." (session 18) - Ginny, young adult post head injury and broken back, slow processing, trouble with day to day functioning, sees flashing lights.

"Neurofeedback was the most important thing I did." (session 18) - Mom of two elementary school children, one with Asperger’s Syndrome, the other with Cerebral Palsy and Depression

"I came in for Neurofeedback because I’ve struggled with anxiety for over 2 and half years now. I would get panic attacks at random and had difficulty sleeping at night because my anxiety would keep me up. Neurofeedback has truly helped me to calm down and stop feeling stressed all the time. I’ve seen considerable improvements in my daily lifestyle and even my friends and family have commented on how I’ve changed. I tried everything from therapists, doctors, and even sleep medications, but the truth is Neurofeedback has been the only thing to really help me conquer my anxiety! Thanks!" (session 18) - Robert, adult with anxiety disorder