I have been a licensed psychologist since 1986. My husband Jim, now retired from M.I.T., and I studied with K.H. Wong, Ph.D., who was associated with Children’s Hospital Boston. We then studied with Dr. Barry Sterman for a number of years to master his complex program and methodology. We are both certified by the Society for the Advancement of Brain Analysis.

What drew me to the field of neurofeedback was the educational struggles of my middle child, Aliza. As a mother, I needed to find a method of treatment that would be safe and effective for my daughter. In second grade, my daughter’s teacher told me that she had ADD, and I should get her on Ritalin immediately. With a background in behavioral medicine, that was not going to be my first line of defense.

After completing a year of neurofeedback treatment with a local practitioner, her neurofeedback therapist left the area, and my daughter began to lose her benefits. Soon she was slipping badly and was very upset to be struggling in school again. It was up to me. I went to California to begin training in neurofeedback. Upon my return, I began her neurofeedback treatment. She said, “Mommy, your stuff works better.” Thus began my quest for the most effective and durable neurofeedback applications.  

My belief is that we have children so we can enjoy them, be proud of them, and help them grow into happy, capable adults. Over the years, I have seen the burgeoning of special needs, a group that gets larger every year. I have also watched the incidence of mental health issues grow exponentially across the lifecycle from little children to the elderly and in between. Although depression and anxiety have hit epidemic proportions worldwide, the most rapidly growing mental health challenges are autism and bipolar disorder. My great concern for the emotional and cognitive challenges of these growing populations has motivated me to search for effective treatments that truly make a difference in the lives of those with these challenges.

In 2009, my husband Jim and I were invited to train the staff at an autism clinic in Amman, Jordan. Their goal was to collect brain mapping data and to provide neurofeedback sessions. The clinic is dedicated to improving the lives and functioning of a wide range of children on the autistic spectrum. They had an established program of hyperbaric oxygen treatment and the DAN (Defeat Autism Now) protocol. They have gotten incredible results with even the most severe cases in children. We continue our alliance by interpreting their QEEG’s, developing treatment protocol, and providing treatment protocol reviews. We are honored to be associated with this group of very dedicated people and are very proud of their work in the area of neurofeedback.