“Ever since I could remember, I had suffered from dyslexia, ADD, and mood problems. At the suggestion of my physician, I engaged in treatment at Advanced Neurotherapy, noticing increased energy, focus, productivity, and success.”

Middle aged adult with ADD, dyslexia, and a mood disorder

“Elizabeth is happy and confident. Dr. Ross has given us our family back, but most importantly, she has given our daughter the tools to succeed in life.”

“When we first came to neurotherapy we were at our wits end with our daughter. Her behavior at home was out of control and wreaking havoc on our family life. Also the little girl who once loved going to school now dreaded it. The worst part was you could see how badly she wanted to stop, but was unable to do so. After many weeks of testing, counseling, and the prospect of having to start her on medication we came to see Dr. Ross. From the moment we entered the office she understood our desire to help our child and how hopeless we felt. We started neurotherapy and after a few treatments we thought we noticed a change. We, however, were cautious in our excitement because we weren’t sure if it was a real change or just what we wanted to see. After a few weeks the change was noticeable. Now she is flourishing in school. Having been released from all her Individual Education Plans and getting A’s on her report card. She is happy and confident.”

Elizabeth has lost her dyslexia diagnosis as a result of neurotherapy!

Mother of Elizabeth*, 5th grade, affected by sensory integration disorder, encoding and decoding disorder, dyslexia, emotional control challenges

“My wife and I made a conscious decision not to tell his teachers or coaches about our son’s participation in biofeedback and his work with Dr. Ross. We wanted to see if they would notice a positive change in him. They have, so have we, and so has our son. We all can’t help but attribute his recent success either in part or in whole to the work he has been doing here at Advanced Neurotherapy. Thanks.”

“I wanted to share an experience our son had shortly after beginning his sessions with Dr. Ross to help him with his ADHD issues. We began coming about once a week, beginning on February 21. By the time baseball season arrived we were about ten sessions into treatment. Although my son is very athletic, he has never enjoyed the success one would expect him to have. Baseball was no exception, except for this year. After his first game he came away having batted 5 for 5 and was given the game ball. After his second game, he was now 11 for 11. The coaches and other kids on the team couldn’t believe how well he was seeing the ball. They also saw him showing much more composure and patience when making plays in the field. He has since been moved to a starting position on the roster and is batting clean-up.”

Father of Sam*, 13, with ADHD

“After six weeks of Maria’s Neurotherapy treatment, we were making plans for Maria to come home. Now, a year later we are anticipating her return to public school in a learning collaborative.

“We adopted Maria at age five from Guatemala, where she and her grandmother were taking care of her two younger siblings, living on garbage and coffee. She acted possessed, screaming and flailing, with her eyes rolling into her head. Doctors in her residential mental health facility thought she would live there until she grew too old and then move to a facility for adolescents. After six weeks of Maria’s Neurotherapy treatment, we were making plans for Maria to come home. Now, a year later we are anticipating her return to public school in a learning collaborative.

Mother of Maria*, age 11, suffering from oppositional defiant disorder and a nonverbal learning disability

“As parents we always want to do right by our children. Neurotherapy is a non–invasive, non–medicated way to improve the quality of their lives. [Robert’s*] teacher says reading has improved. [He is] able to sit and do homework with no whining. He is happier with himself.”

Mother of third grader who had problems with articulation, language, and reading