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Testimonial: Father of 18 year old suffering from Lyme disease

“I have no doubt that the treatment [my son] received at Advanced Neurotherapy is in part responsible for my son regaining his active life back.”

Testimonial: Anna*, 30, Lyme Disease, bedridden for months due to symptoms

cate coherently. I would blend my words, or not be able to find the word I wanted, or just not be able to get the words out of my mouth. I always sounded angry because I was literally forcing the words off my tongue. And my memory – everything had to be written down for me as I would forget everything right away. It was like I could not keep anything in my head – even mid-sentence I would have no idea what either the person I was speaking with or I had been speaking about, or even which one of us had been doing the speaking. Neurotherapy changed all that. I got my memory and my language back! My staff can’t believe how on top of everything I am and ask me how it is I don’t forget anything! Not only that, my language is such that I am not only able to communicate verbally again, but my writing is better than ever, and I’m able to read again – something that I also lost as a result of my Lyme.”

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