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5 Free Mental Health and Wellness Apps

Read this list of free mental health apps to help maintain wellness each day!



Do you feel as though a mental health issue or disorder has beenaffecting you on a daily basis? WhatsMyM3 takes you through a three-minute screening for mood disorder symptoms, covering depression, anxiety, bipolar, and PTSD. The test then creates a score to indicate whether or not you may have a mood disorder that is directly impacting your day-to-day life, and then directs you to resources that fall in line with your results. You can take this test as often as you want to notice changes in your mood over time and track your progress. The app keeps a history of all test results.



Trying to stay happy day-to-day can be a challenge,optimism but identifying what impacts mood and feelings can be a hugely important step to recovery. Optimism is an app designed to help track your moods. Each day, you fill out questions to track what may be influencing your mood. Charts are created based on your input to offer users some insight on their mental state and how it changes. There are different sections to fill out every day including:

Core Data – Rating mood, coping skills, and sleep quality on a scale from one to ten, filling out how many hours of sleep were obtained the night before, and imputing how much exercise you have completed that day.

Stay Well Strategies – Noting whether or not you have had adequate sleep, exercised, meditated/relaxed, eaten healthy meals, consumed enough water, and additional wellness strategies to feel better. This acts as both a checklist of techniques you have tried and also provides recommendations for other solutions to try when feeling down.

Triggers – Rating triggers at school and home, and making a note of additional triggers such as life changes, alcohol/drug consumption, medication changes, and more.

Symptoms – Rating on a scale of one to ten what symptoms you are experiencing, including irritability, anger, depression, anxiety, guilt, hopelessness, and worthlessness in addition to marking off other experienced symptoms.


My Fitness Pal

my fitnesspal

Nutrition greatly impacts mental health, and My FitnessPal helps users log food intake, keep track of all the nutrients eaten during the day, and then creates graphs to represent nutritional intake for the day to give a clear understanding of the strengths of your diet plan and the weaknesses. For example, if you are not getting enough protein, the app shows you the percentage of how much protein you are currently getting versus what you need. This app is great if you are trying to lose weight, gain weight, or simply stay the same, as it provides you a specific, unique nutritional plan after you fill out basic information about yourself. Additionally, you can log water and exercise, which is factored into how many calories you are allotted each day. You can also keep notes about how you are feeling each day!


Relax Melodies


When you are feeling stressed out, taking time tomeditate can be crucial in maintaining positive mental health. Relax Melodies provides the user with a variety of calming sounds such as nature sounds, calming music, and more. Combine a few of the sounds they provide to create a relaxing environment to close your eyes, take deep breaths, and calm yourself. You can also unlock a variety of guided meditations for an additional one time fee. 



Drinking enough water each day is crucial to healthand wellness, yet so many people forget to drink the minimum eight 8oz glasses recommended by health professionals. Plus drinking enough water can help prevent a range of medical issues such as kidney stones and constipation. Waterlogged helps you track your daily water consumption and you can set reminders that appear on your phone to help you stay hydrated all day long.


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