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Testimonial: Father of Sam*, 13, with ADHD

“My wife and I made a conscious decision not to tell his teachers or coaches about our son’s participation in biofeedback and his work with Dr. Ross. We wanted to see if they would notice a positive change in him. They have, so have we, and so has our son. We all can’t help but attribute his recent success either in part or in whole to the work he has been doing here at Advanced Neurotherapy. Thanks.”

“I wanted to share an experience our son had shortly after beginning his sessions with Dr. Ross to help him with his ADHD issues. We began coming about once a week, beginning on February 21. By the time baseball season arrived we were about ten sessions into treatment. Although my son is very athletic, he has never enjoyed the success one would expect him to have. Baseball was no exception, except for this year. After his first game he came away having batted 5 for 5 and was given the game ball. After his second game, he was now 11 for 11. The coaches and other kids on the team couldn’t believe how well he was seeing the ball. They also saw him showing much more composure and patience when making plays in the field. He has since been moved to a starting position on the roster and is batting clean-up.”

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